Grandpa gets a surprise bulldog puppy for his birthday, something he’s always wanted.

It’s pure happiness for both of them

watch this

My frozen heart melts a little. How sweet!

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ur very cute and very far away please come be cute closer to me

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To retaliate all the pro-blue team on my dash I just want to leave a small message from us Reds. Red team is dream team.


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"do you play video games?"


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Title: X-Ray & Vav Theme
Artist: Tease It Productions, Haxeliz, Roosterteeth/Achievement Hunter Let's Play Audio, a-cockbite-achievement-hunter
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Unofficial X-Ray & Vav Theme mashed by me. All audio sources were found and recorded via Audacity from Tease It Productions, Haxeliz, and Achievement Hunter’s Let’s Play Minecraft Episode 43 - Thunderdome (5:28-4:48)

Let me know what you think. My ears are shit.

oh shit…things just got real

Sooooo Where can we download this? this needs to be my Ringtone

this is beautiful omfg

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i figured out how to sound creepy in audacity

so naturally i read Emilie Autumn’s “Ghost” in bel’s voice

as you do

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"Well at least they’re leaving us alone for now."

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you know

all the drama between my coworkers is actually made up for by the fact that i get hugs every day at work

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Here’s the reason i need feminism. I went to a party not long ago with some good friends, and i met a guy who couldn’t understand i didn’t want him - he kept coming at me, saying things like: “you want it, you just don’t know it ‘till i give it to you” and “fucking whore, you’ve slept with half the men in here, it’s only fair i get some too”.
I felt imensely uncomfortable, and i tried getting away from him - i was really scared, to be honest.
I ended up with going into the kitchen to Call my parents and tell them to come and get me, when he came from behind and grabbed me hard on my breasts, telling me i DESERVED what i got. He twisted my breasts so hard i have huge bruises, both underneath and on top of my breasts; including some hard bitemarks on my arms, neck and shoulders.
A friend came and saw it, and helped me get out, but i’m still scared and uncomfortable.

I’m sick of THIS. Of men (granted, only a few) thinking they hear yes when i say no.
I need to make it clear that this happens. I could have gotten raped, if not for my friend helping me out.
And it’s scary.

I’m begging you, reblog this or do SOMETHING so people can see that this happens; the police told me it didn’t “count as sexual assault, seeing he didn’t penetrate me, and because it has been two days, they can’t do anything, because his DNA would have been washed off by now”.
Please, let people know that feminism isn’t just women wanting to get a hugger paycheck, or just saying these things; IT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME AND IT HURTS AND IT IS SCARY TO BE A PART OF.

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It had to be done sooner or later.

Also, sorry for being gone for 50 years. A wizard came to my house with a baker’s dozen of dwarfs to go and fight a dragon.

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An addiction, that each Zodiac is likely to have.





Sagittarius: Gambling
Aries: Caffeine
Gemini: Smoking
Pisces: Alcohol
Leo: Shopping
Aquarius: Video Games
Libra: (Sleeping) Pills
Scorpio: Internet Addiction
Virgo: Cleaning
Taurus: Eating
Capricorn: Working
Cancer: Addicted to another person 

Addicted to another person holy cow more like 904385 fictional characters

Internet addiction…kinda accurate, sadly ;u;.

Caffeine indeed 

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9 months ago

i’m suddenly reminded of the time i got into full russia cosplay and did a dance in the middle of a blizzard for the amusement of like six people on tinychat

moral of the story north dakotans are raw as fuck

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What have I done.

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Let me make this abundantly clear.

There is apparently a photo of Meg and Gavin sleeping going around. It was posted to Gavin’s facebook privately and then somehow leaked.

If you are posting or reblogging this photo, you are perpetuating a theft. Take. It. Down. If…